About Us

Valley View Public School is located in Greenwood, Ontario and serves students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission Statement

Celebrating our Strengths- Achieving our Potential

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Valley View Public School.

Valley View Public School, a small rural school located in the hamlet of Greenwood within Pickering, Ontario, has a rich history and deep roots in its community. The school celebrated its 50th anniversary milestone in 2012, and has a long-standing history of excellence. The school is located next to the former Greenwood Public Library, most noted for once being a one-room school house (Greenwood School) where the late Prime Minister John Diefenbaker attended as a child, and also where his father worked as a teacher.

The staff models a community of learners as they continue to work diligently to improve student achievement. Our EQAO Literacy and Numeracy results reflect the school’s commitment to student success as we continue to explore new, challenging and exciting learning opportunities for all of our students.